Embeddable Online Whiteboards

Build collaborative online experiences.

Use online whiteboards in your own product or application, control it using our handy APIs and make it your own by adding your own branding and styles.


minutes spent collaborating.

Illustration showing code snippet and embedded whiteboard


A pyramid created by a PixelPaper user

We build it, you make it your own.

A biology lesson on a PixelPaper

Add real-time collaborative features to your app

Simply drop a PixelPaper into your page using the embed code and allow your users to collaborate on a digital whiteboard in real time.

Host hundreds of users on a single PixelPaper

Simply drop a PixelPaper into your page using the embed code and allow your users to collaborate on a digital whiteboard in real time.

Rely on a proven, cloud-scale network

Trust in our scalable, real-time network to provide the volume and latency that you require to allow you to apply your resources elsewhere.

Use Cases

Where there's collaboration, there's PixelPaper.

PixelPapers are useful for a large range of industries.


Teach online courses or work together in group sessions.


Use PixelPapers for interview tasks and assessments.


Combine video calling with PixelPapers to add a new dimension to online events.


Use PixelPapers in an online consulting platform to draw system diagrams and explain concepts.


Explain concepts and diagrams to patients or other team members.


Plan out marketing campaigns and designs on an online platform.


A PixelPaper with a custom CSS file being used

Whitelabel It

Specify a custom CSS stylesheet to fit your brand guidelines. Hide and show features as you like and move around the toolbars to create the perfect whiteboard interface for your product.

Scale Indefinitely

We've created world-class, cloud-scale infrastructure to not only allow up to 100 users on a single PixelPaper, but allow you to scale indefinitely to handle an unlimited number of users without any increase in latency.

A list of API endpoints for PixelPaper

Retain Full Control

We're not looking to onboard or store the data of your users. With PixelPaper, you have full control over your user's data and can access previous whiteboard data at any time using our APIs.

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