An Online Whiteboard for Teaching ⚡

A lightweight & quick-to-master online whiteboard to allow you to collaborate with others. Get started now without needing to register!

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Collaborate by sharing a link ✨

Collaborate with as many as 100 users on a single PixelPaper. Enjoy working on a shared canvas in real time to design, draw and learn.

“Being able to invite my students to join my whiteboard and have them pick it up almost instantly has been a huge help!”

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Marcia Hill, Group Tutor
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Upload Documents and Videos

Upload any image, PDF and even videos to your PixelPaper. Annotate, draw and work alongside your documents with your team or group.

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An unlimited canvas to work on ♾️

Split your work and notes into pages to split up documents and different areas of work. Also, take advantage of the unlimited canvas to let your creativity run free!

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Want to embed PixelPapers in your own product?

We've built PixelPaper so it can be whitelabelled and embedded in your product, giving you complete control over your data and the appearance of the whiteboard. Get in touch with our team to find out more!

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